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In 1975, martial arts in the United States was gaining popularity.Most of the instruction in the U.S. came from our service men who had been overseas.With very little training, these men paved the way for what has become one of the greatest life changing activities in the world.Unfortunately, they had little instruction in how to teach.Barking out commands, and exhausting drills over and over. Very few students achieved a blue belt, much less a black one.Their style of teaching was very physical,they left out a key ingredient to the martial arts– SELF DISCIPLINE.Other than a very strenuous cardiovascular and strength workout there was no real talk of the VALUES OF THE ARTS.


In 1975, Rick Arnold was 12 years old.As a young man, he saw several martial arts businesses come and go due to poor instruction.He noticed different styles of training, styles of martial arts, cleanliness, successes and failures.In 1984 he opened Arnold’s Karate Academy at 229 N. Sunset St. in Sherman, Texas.10 years later in 1994, he moved the Sherman location and joined forces with other martial arts school owners to form; America’s Best Black Belt Academies.As these schools began to thrive other opportunities presented themselves and Premier Martial Arts came into existence.Now with over 80 locations nation wide joining forces for knowledge and training has been very beneficial. Throughout the years Rick Arnold’s constant dedication and devotion to the martial arts has continued to grow.Along with other Instructors, from across the country, he began teaching students from the inside out.He began studying the psychology of learning and recruited the help of Austin College’s Psychology department.The goal was to find out “why” a person is motivated?“How” a person is motivated?He added values to the classes and began teaching what the words, FOCUS AND DISCIPLINE mean.By teaching GOAL SETTING the students began to gain CONFIDENCE.In a very short period of time, they began to see amazing results.Not only did Arnold’s students increase their ATTENTION SPAN, but they began to enjoy their training like never before.They understood what COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT and HELPING OTHERS was all about.As a result of this newfound teaching, Master Arnold was awarded martial arts INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR, 5 times.A Black Belt became not only a symbol of power, but a mark of character.Now students were not only earning the coveted BLACK BELT, but they were also becoming EMPOWERED to handle life’s challenges.


Welcome to Arnold’s Martial Arts. Now more than 35 years later, winning philosophies from years of experience are still being taught. Students earn their belts in our classes and feel EMPOWERED to become better people.As they are taught the A, B, C’s of success (ATTAIN A GOAL, BE “BACKED UP” BY FAMILY, INSTRUCTORS AND FRIENDS & CONFIDENCE) they rise above average and strive for BLACK BELT EXCELLENCE.Yes, we still teach the same commands and drills, but in exciting ways!Each student becomes a better athlete because of these fun skills.We challenge each of them at a level they can accomplish.Nothing spells SUCCESS better than CHALLENGE AND PRAISE.Whatever you PRAISE, you get more of!


At Arnold’s  Martial Arts we believe a BLACK BELT should be earned.Each Black Belt Candidate must be accomplished in the following DISCIPLINES:KARATE, JIU JITSU, MUY THAI, TAEKWON DO, KRAV MAGA and WEAPONS.Each of these arts help improve COORDINATION, MOTOR SKILLS, FLEXIBILITY and ENDURANCE.By learning skills that use both sides of the body, you use both the right and left side of the brain.The results are astounding!With our STRUCTURED REWARD SYSTEM you will be motivated to rise through the belt ranks to BLACK BELT.


In addition to our classes, we also host EXTRA SPECIAL EVENTS.These events build excitement and encourage students.We have found that as we create “fun time”, students learn to SOCIALIZE.In a time when video games and television is so popular, we feel that our students need times to have fun and learn to play :) Each month you will notice on our PAST EVENTS page that we host very structured and planned activities for our members.These events include: Dodge ball, Camping trips, Parades, Fishing, Parents Night Out, Water Gun Wars and much more.We know that RULES WITHOUT RELATIONSHIP EQUALS REBELLION.Each member is given the RESPECT AND DIGNITY they deserve.


To learn more, please schedule an appointment to visit.We have a packet of information waiting for you.

Lil Warriors Ages 4 - 6

Gladiators & Titans Ages 7 - 11

Teens & Adults