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— Is the facility immaculately clean? Do you see smiles and a pleasant atmosphere? Do you feel welcome when you enter the building? Are the instructors polite and friendly? Does it smell clean? At Arnold's Martial Arts we pride ourselves on our professional facility and trained staff.

— Could you partner with them? Are they respectful? Do they smile? Do they give you their attention? At Arnold's Martial Arts you might hear "ONE TEAM, ONE FAMILY". We know the power and strength of our martial arts FAMILY.

— Are you greeted with a smile? Is he/she pleasant? Does he/she appear knowledgeable? Does he/she appear neat and fit? In today's society many instructors follow the philosophy of "do what I say" instead of "follow me". Our professional instructors are "hand picked" after years of serving others and leading by example. We have some of the top Black Belts in the United States on staff.

THE LOCATION— Is the location convenient? We are located on the 3rd most popular street in Sherman, Texas with 2 elementary schools within blocks.


Don't get impressed by the size of the place- just be sure that you feel "comfortable" in there. Don't necessarily be impressed by huge number of trophies. They may indicate a very successful competitive school (if that is an aspect you are interested in) or they could be all show.

Check carefully. If you are not allowed to watch any classes, you may not want to invest your time and money. Without seeing a class you will not be able to get a good feel for the school. In our world today, it is important that we pay attention to the instruction our family will be receiving.

Ask questions- don't worry about being ignorant or asking the "wrong" question. They are going to be teaching and training you- you want to get any concerns or considerations you have out before you commit to anything. If you feel bullied or threatened in any manner, look somewhere else. - How good are the students? Do the junior members respond with a "yes sir/yes ma'am". Martial Arts originated in war times. The respect shown, discipline and manners of each student are very important in proper training. This is more of a measure of the quality of the students as students than their skill at martial arts.

See if you can picture yourself with these people. Are they attentive, respectful, interested in being there? Those are all good signs... -

Is there a mix of upper and lower ranks? This is very important. Beginners can be very intimidated if everyone in the class is more advanced than them. On the other hand, it is good to have advanced students setting an example and being leaders within the class. Professional schools have classes separated by rank though. Ask. Mixing belt colors can be very dangerous.

-Is there a mix in the type of people in the class? Although this doesn't necessarily mean anything if it is not present, it is a good sign if there is a mixture of males and females, older and younger people in the class. It is a pointer to the efficiency of the Art if it can reach a wide variety of people together. -

Do they move the way you would like to? This will give you some sense of what you can achieve. Look to the senior students and see if they move the way you would like to one day move.

-Do they help one another? In a small class this may not apply, but in larger classes it is a good sign if the senior students support and assist the junior students. This kind of personal attention will aid you greatly in your training. - Do they have both male and female instructors? Men and women have different perspectives in martial arts training. - Ask if the instructor knows the difference between point sparring and "real life" self protection.

Lil Warriors Ages 4 - 6

Gladiators & Titans Ages 7 - 11

Teens & Adults