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All Martial Arts classes are not the same

What makes Arnold’s Martial Arts unique?


The POWER of our Mat Chats is one SECRET to the SUCCESS of us helping OUR COMMUNITY.

Mat chats are inspirational 3 to 5 minute talks given in each class. The 1st part of a mat chat is always about character development, including self discipline (doing what you know you're supposed to, even if you don't want to), positive attitudes (having a "whatever it takes attitude," an "attitude of gratitude", etc.), and more. The focus is on training the mind as well as the body and being of service to others..
The second part of a mat chat is around school safety and life skills. This includes the ABCs of conflict (how to Avoid, how to Be calm, and how to Communicate), stranger danger, and other street safety topics. Life skills are also imparted such as how to greet people, make friends, and have good interaction skills that breed confidence.

You will be Recognized for your great effort.

As you are recognized for your accomplishments, it encourages you to accomplish more.As you accomplish more, you build CONFIDENCE. As CONFIDENCE grows you accomplish more.Very soon you are accomplishing things you never thought possible.The instructors of Arnold's Martial Arts have been trained to teach this cycle of learning.Each student is recognized for hard work and dedication.Stripes on the belt, patches, stickers and even candy are great rewards.Don’t believe this is just for the kids.Adult students love recognition just as much!

You will help meet the NEEDS of our community.

Arnold’s Martial Arts is much more than a place to kick and punch.We love to MEET THE NEEDS of our members.For some,the need is afather figure, while others it’s improving a child’s SELF ESTEEM.No matter what the need is, we strive to meet it.Students are certain that their instructor will be fair and kind and loving.With a passion for helping others, each instructor takes the time to really “connect” with the student.

You can be CERTAIN you can trust Arnold’s Martial Arts

Since 1984, Rick Arnold and the team at Arnold's Martial Arts, has been serving this community.Since buying their new facility in 2006 literally hundreds of students are enjoying the martial arts through their instruction.

You will feel SIGNIFICANT at Arnold's Martial Arts

More than work…. It is our ministry.As a Christian martial arts school it is our goal to “change lives” through martial arts training.Each member is a significant part of our martial arts family.We want to know you, learn with you and watch you grow into outstanding Black Belts that get MAD (MAKE A DIFFERENCE).

You will GROW at Arnold's Martial Arts.

For years now students have “grown up” at Arnold's Martial Arts.To grow as a person, an athlete, a spouse, a parent.When you join wonderful people, it rubs off on you :)Iron sharpens Iron as one person sharpens another.

You will notice a VARIETY of activities and training at Arnold's Martial Arts.

From our Parents Night Out events to our Easter celebration to our Fall Festival, Arnold's Martial Arts offers tons of fun for the entire family.

You will CONNECT with the people of Arnold's Martial Arts

Need friends?Lifelong friendships have been created as our community gathers at our awesome facility.

You will CONTRIBUTE to our community through your Arnold's Martial Arts training.

We know the power of serving others. As a family member of Arnold's Martial Arts we will always encourage you to CONTRIBUTE.From our Basket Brigade at Thanksgiving where we feed as many as 150 needy families, to our kick-a-thon where we gave over $8000 to North Texas Youth Connection (the children homeless shelter).We give and know the power of giving.You matter :)

Lil Warriors Ages 4 - 6

Gladiators & Titans Ages 7 - 11

Teens & Adults