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LiL Warrior Classes

Arnolds Martial Arts has a very unique approach for teaching children. We use an approach called "Building Black Belts From the Inside Out."

In the past people assumed martial arts training builds character traits like perseverance, confidence self-esteem and more. However, through my many years of martial arts instruction I have found that unless a student acquired these mental benefits early, they are likely to quit and not see the great results of advancing through the ranks and making it to black belt.

Our approach to teaching kids is to balance life skills with physical training. The life skills we teach are courtesy, respect, self-discipline, perseverance, indomitable spirit and more.

These qualities prepare children for goal setting and overcoming obstacles. Preparing students this way empowers then with the tools for success. At the same time we will challenge them at a pace they can handle physically.

Lil Warriors Ages 4 - 6

Gladiators & Titans Ages 7 - 11

Teens & Adults