Leadership Notes

Great leaders are made, they are not born.There is no such thing as a “born leader”.Some people learn faster than others, but we believe every person has the potential to become a leader. We have seen many children in our organization over the years become excellent leaders—many were shy and withdrawn when they started the martial arts. Their leadership qualities were built slowly over time. Here are the most important qualities of great leaders and how the martial arts can develop each one.

Leaders are self confident and assertive.

Great leaders believe in themselves and resist peer pressure. Arnold’s Martial Arts teaches each student to not be afraid to ask for what they want. The praise and recognition we receive in a good martial arts program will help build this self-confidence. The small steps we take in our progression mean a lot —they are celebrated. Students learn to ask the instructor when they need help–this builds their assertiveness skills.


Leaders are positive thinkers.

Nobody follows a leader with a negative attitude. We all gravitate toward positive thinkers. The martial arts develop a can-do attitude among its students. Negative thinking has no place in the school, and this rubs off on the kids.


Leaders communicate.

At Premier Martial Arts, students learn to put their hands up to answer questions and explain something to the class. Sometimes they get frustrated—that’s ok, because each time they put their hand up, it gets a little easier.Our trained instructors motivate students to “raise hands”.Shy, withdrawn students come out of their shells and get comfortable explaining things in front of the class. They also learn how to take their turn and listen while the other students are speaking. Listening well is another mark of a great leader, as this exhibits tolerance toward others’ opinions and an open mind.